Sunday, February 6, 2011

On Hiatus

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I posted an update here. It's not that we haven't been doing tons of fun things or that the boys don't continue to amaze me, it's just been an insanely crazy month! I started a new job, and while it's off to a great start, I'm completely overwhelmed with tons of new faces and new information every single day. By the time I hit the sheets at night I feel like my head is going to explode. It's all good, but keeping things together at home and at work is going to take everything I've got for the next few months.

The other part of having a new job is having a bunch of new equipment. My new computer is like Fort Knox, so old standbys like Picasa and Gmail are no longer an option. I had no idea how much I loved my old Blackberry until it was gone. I can hardly make a phone call much less upload a photo on the fly. Yes, I sound like a 90-year-old, but it's the real reason why there aren't any photos with this post. Sad, but true.

We also continue to be plagued by colds and had a very rough round of the stomach flu which happened to coincide with a broken dryer. It also coincided with my first week of work, so I spent a fair share of my second day with my head in a toilet at work. Not exactly the way I had imagined starting my new job.

But on the bright side, January is behind us and winter should be wrapped up within the next two months. We've been surviving by doing lots of fun things on the weekends -- Children's Museum, swimming lessons, Stages Theater, Mall of America (MOA is actually an overpriced hell on earth, but we still had fun), and plenty of snuggling on the couch.

Elliott is starting to truck around the house with his cart and it puts a huge smile on his face every time. Sam continues to entertain with his one-liners and his elaborate imaginary games.

So all in all, life is good. Getting another two hours of sleep every night and having a photographic memory would be hugely helpful, but neither is likely, so I just keep on drinking lots of coffee and kissing the boys constantly. Both miraculously keep me afloat.

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